New Living Quarter Ásgarðsland

1st Prize

Closed urban planning competition
1st Prize

Location: Áskarðsland, Kjósarhreppiur
Awarding authority: Kjósarhreppiur
Planning area: 80 ha
Construction period: 2022

The 80 ha planning area is located in the Valdastaðir area in Kjós, on a southern slope of Reynivallarhál. This is a residential area with single-family houses and a daycare/preschool. Further supply facilities are planned in the immediate vicinity.
The new development structure has broken up and is lined up depending on the shape of the existing landscape and between the existing streams down the slope. All main streams are preserved and are part of the overall plan.
A focus will be placed on outdoor activities and good walking connections in and outside the planning area. The so-called green belt stretches up into the mountains and connects all footpaths and cycle paths in the area. It is an open space in which various activities can take place. It runs all the way down to the valley and connects Ásgarður, the cultural center of Kjós, with the new development.
The new development is based on existing village structures. Large plots of land allow for multiple buildings that may include not just housing. Value is placed on a varied development with different roof shapes and building materials, which reflects the diversity and individuality of the extra-urban development structures.