Mosfellsbaer High School, Iceland

Location: Mosfellsbaer, Iceland
Client: City of Mosfellsbaer, Ministry of Education
Completion: 2014

Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 - Nomination
DV’s Cultural Prize 2014 - Nomination
BREEAM 2014 - Interim Certificate Design Stage
Fréttablaðið's Most Beautiful Building in Iceland built after 2007 - 3rd Prize
Competition 2010 - 1st Prize

This new school offers space for up to 500 pupils. The volume of the building, consisting of two distinct parts, emerges from the surrounding landscape and forms a tight connection with it. The gap between the two wings forms a light area which serves as the central circulation space. It also doubles as area for events and performances. All learning areas, except the art department on the groundfloor, are located on the upper levels and consist of open areas, structured by closed rooms. This generates a wide variety of spaces and niches, which can be discovered and occupied by the pupils for learning. This improves the childrens’ individuality and has a positive effect on their work. The BIM methodology was used designing the school. The building is assessed under BREEAM, a leading environmental assessment for buildings, resulting in a more sustainable building. The building has achieved an interim certificate, by scoring „very good“.