Árskógar 5-7


Location: Árskógar 5-7, Reykjavik
Client: Búseti hf.
Number of apartments: 72
Building size: 7,990 m²
Completion: 2021

The residential complex Áskógar 5-7 consists of two buildings with a total of 72 residential units. The parking spaces are on two levels, with the lower level being open with different views of the surroundings.
The buildings have four residential floors and a basement. In addition to private storage rooms and bicycle parking areas, there are laundry rooms, a bicycle workshop and a common room with a kitchen in the lower area. Birthday parties, club meetings or other courses or activities of the house community can take place here.
The buildings are equipped with access galleries oriented around a three-sided courtyard. This serves as a communication area and strengthens the sense of community.
The apartment sizes vary from a studio to a 3-room apartment, with the living area being connected to the kitchen and dining area.
Like the Keilugrandi project, this is a social housing project supported by Búseti, a housing cooperative. A lot of value was placed on potential savings in the construction of the building.