Living an Working in Gufunes

Location: Gufunes, Reykjavik
Client: Spilda
in collaboration with Landmótun, Myrra and Ferill
400-450 apartments, office, trade and shops, day care center
Total building area: 44,000 m²
Planning area: 20 ha
Date: 2021

Kambar, the new residential and business district in Gufunes, is located northeast of Reykjavik city center and creates a unique connection between nature and the capital. On this 20-hectare site, around 400-450 new apartments, small businesses, shops, offices, a hotel and kindergarten are being built with a total of 44,000 m².
With this urban expansion, the existing Grafarvogur district will be strengthened. Many older citizens who want to give up their single-family or terraced houses can now move into age-appropriate apartments in the immediate vicinity and make room for young families.
The new district of Kambar caters to all age groups, offering different types of housing. It is located directly on the sea, which allows for a variety of leisure activities.
The three to twelve-storey buildings are placed in such a way that they shade themselves as little as possible and form courtyards and gardens that are sheltered from the wind.
Along the existing building, a new east-west axis with commercial and business space is being created, which will combine the existing building with the new buildings. The axis ends west in a newly created beach, which forms a new attraction for the whole of Reykjavik.