Development Plan Nautical School

Location: Sjómannaskólareitur, Reykjavik
Client: Reykjavik City Planning Department
190 residential units, church, school, office building Planning area: 6.6 ha
Development plan Completion: 2020

The planning area is marked by the existing maritime school and a church. Also on the site is Saltfiskmóinn, a place where fish was hung out to dry, and an old hot water storage tank, which have now been listed as historical monuments with the zoning amendment.
The existing number of apartments was increased from 71 to 190. All new apartments are subject to social housing for young families and senior citizens.
Great value was placed on low-rise development, which is subordinate to the existing buildings. Existing roof shapes serve as a basis for the new planning.
The path system was expanded with new cycle paths and sidewalks and the connection to the surrounding districts was improved.